Privacy Policy

WordSuccor is always committed to safeguarding your privacy. We value the aim for which our website visitors give us their information. We do not share, rent and sell any personal information to any third party, and we do not believe in doing so in the future.

This Privacy Policy indicates to this website and its correlated services from the prospect of privacy-related issues. WordSuccor (Here referred to as “WordSuccor”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”) accumulates information related to users to enhance their experience and satisfaction with our website. We hold the right to change this privacy statement at our sole discretion, and we recommend that you check this section periodically to be aware of any changes.

To Whom This Policy Is Intended To

This policy is designed for individuals (“audience” or “you”) who associate with WordSuccor, sign up for our services (includes, products, request information and the chat support usage)

How Do We Gather Data?

According to the service you use, WordSuccor gathers the data from any of the below sources:

1. Data We Demand

We might ask request, store, and process any of the below data categories when enquiring about the services:

  • Your Name
  • Your Country
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Skype ID
  • Your Phone Number
  • Any other relevant information

2. Cookies

WordSuccor might use “Cookies” and other technologies. These technologies are used to understand user behaviour effectively. It shows us the parts of our websites visitors have visited, help and estimate the effectiveness of advertisements and web searches. Data collection is based on “implied consent”. It depicts your consent except you explicitly opt-out. You can change your browser settings to not accept cookies, by browsing in incognito mode, or by not practising our website. We also use third-party tools and services, the privacy policy of which could be different. The third-party tools we accept cookies to gather data are:

  • Google Analytics

The data linked to the browser/device, IP address and the on-site actions to estimate and report statistics about your web interactions. You can check how Google Analytics manages the data on privacy policy.

  • Intercom
    To give customer support on the website, WordSuccor uses the intercom. Though they do not have any control over the private data you have shared with our spokespeople, they can manage the additional data which is required according to their privacy policy.
  • Lucky Orange
    WordSuccor uses Lucky Orange’s to trace the usage of websites (incorporates cursor hoovers, scroll depth and clicks). Some sessions can also be recorded to track your compliance over our platform to further enhance the user experience.

3. External Tools

WordSuccor also uses some of the external tools to gather the data related to your usage and compliance beyond our website that covers:

  • MailChimp
    The promotional emails are sent to check how much traffic they are bringing in. If another user opens the email, then that can also be tracked to examine the click rate and to improve user engagement. The MailChimp is used as an email marketing tool, and they follow their own privacy policy.
  • Social plugins
    For more engagement and visibility, we have our website links to several social media platforms. They gather, use and share the data according to their privacy policies for which we are not responsible.
    We recommend that you examine the privacy policies of the social platforms we use: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Why do we collect this data?

Collecting the data from the cookies can be anonymous or personally identifiable. WordSuccor collects the data to:

  • Give personalized service
  • Build a secure platform
  • Better performance
  • Statistical report

How We Assure Security

Securing your personal data is crucial to us. We follow every possible measure to protect your data. There are administrative, physical barriers and essential technology to assure your information is available only to authorized systems. If there is any data breach, then we take immediate action and notify to concerned users and local authorities.

How we Use Your Personal Data

WordSuccor stores and process the information collected for its legal interests and service delivery following all guidelines. The data is used to:

  • Offer and manage our services.
  • Promote our services and website experience.
  • Interact with you by notification, email, or any additional contact information that you have given.
  • Give any requisite third-party data that serve our services.

When We Share Your Personal Data

Your personal data is in safe hands. We do not share your data unless:

How Your Information Is Assured

We follow strict security measures to store your information to prevent it from unauthorized access. This implies we might ask you for ID proof and any other personal information before processing your enquiries further:

  • Your explicit permission is obtained.
  • You are mandated by law.
  • Third-party is a part of a collaborator of WordSuccor.
  • To give essential third-party data that helps enable our services.

What You Can Do

We give you full control of the information we have stored and its subsequent uses. You can choose to:

  • Unsubscribe of the mailing list and notification choices to stop receiving the communication.
  • You can choose not to provide your personal information by filling the form and not accessing the chat support.
  • You can amend your consent anytime provided earlier for any particular use.