Terms and Conditions

By signing an agreement with WordSuccor, you are stating your acceptance to follow our terms and conditions to govern all services.

Our Terms and Conditions

It is advised to follow the below terms and conditions before using the website. When you use or browse this website, you acknowledge all the terms and conditions mentioned below. Please do not use the site if the terms are not viable to you. We hold the rights to change the terms and conditions when necessary.

Access To Services and Website

Kindly assure yourself to follow all terms and conditions while browsing the www.wordsuccor.com. You can leave the website if you notice something obnoxious. WordSuccor has the right to change the current terms and conditions anytime without any further notification.

Privacy Policy

We follow privacy as a critical factor in business dealings. Hence, WordSuccor guarantees that your information is 100% secure. And to assure you, we have outlined the privacy policies that are proof of the client’s data. We use only the information ( messenger id’s, phone numbers and email ids) you have provided to answer all your queries. Despite this, we can also use to communicate with you regarding new offers, product launches, latest technological updates, new features, etc. The information can also be used for marketing endeavours, keeping it within the organization.

Notice Of Copyright

It is just a notification to our visitors that WordSuccors’ website content covers entities, text, electronic arts, audio, information, links, photos, graphics, software, animation, videos, and communication is protected by US Trademark and Copyright Laws. It is illegal to create copies, recreation, distribution, application or publishing in any commercial or personal way.

Registered Labels

Domain www.wordsuccor.com and trademarks Wordsuccor and Wordsuccor Ltd. are wholly-owned labels of Wordsuccor Ltd. We can legitimately indict the organization or person who pretends to own them in any demeanour.

Policy Towards Offensive Conduct

We expect from our clients not to use any improper language or conduct that depict racism, vulgarity, sexism and hatred in their comments using the website. The users are stringently prohibited from using such expressions. The accused has the right to be prosecuted for prohibited activities. We reserve the right to disown of any user data associating to terrorism, pornography, and punitive attacks in any form and at any time. It can legally eliminate anything that violates our policies.

Indemnification Policy

When a user visits this website, he or she consents to hold WordSuccor, its associates, administrators, representatives, partners and operators for all claims (incorporating third party attorney’s payments).

Local Laws And Export Control

Being a USA based company, we do not include content that is applicable or relevant to users in different countries.
If the user is from a country other than India and the United States, it is an individual responsibility of the user to comply with local laws, including import or export. WordSuccor protects the right to deny services to locals in any exile country or to any user who operates from that location.

General Notice and Termination

By browsing the site, the audience performs his or her affirmation to all terms mentioned above and conditions. When the terms and conditions are proved correct then the winning side will be responsible for paying the attorney fee and additional costs. On the contrary, the provision will be as low as possible to ensure that the implementation of the terms and conditions of the document is not affected in all cases where the document cannot be enforced under a provision.

All services are included in the Terms and Conditions record. This document needs to go through an agreement between the user and website. This agreement will remain in force until the user or WordSuccor terminates. Termination from WordSuccor will limit the user’s access to the site for any reason whatsoever for a failure to comply with any of the terms or conditions outlined in this document.